Thursday, April 6, 2017

QuickStart: Install Remote Desktop On Raspbian

Once you get the basic install done, you probably don't want to use the HDMI and would rather just access the device remotely from your laptop or computer.  You can use SSH or if you want to see the full desktop would want to use Remote Desktop or more accurately VNC.

This article explains how to install Real VNC on Raspberry PI.

However, there are a couple places that we ran into issues:

  1. Enable VNC is Missing
    • Once your run the sudo command to install the server and client. You still may not see the setting to Enable VNC. If this is the case then you may need to enter the terminal using CTRL-ALT-F1 and then enter the command: sudo shutdown -r 0
    • After the reboot is finished, then look for the option again.
    • If you still cannot find the option from the menu -> preferences enter the terminal window again.
    • Type: sudo raspi-config
    • You will likely find the option here and can enable it.  Once you enable it here it will show up under preferences as well.
    • I installed Raspbian and VNC multiple times and sometimes it worked using the article and other times I needed to follow the above tips. I am not sure why but if you run into it too you have a solution.
  2. When connecting from a Client you will need the IP of your Raspberry PI. If you are plugged into the internet using the network adapter and a cable the article explains well how to find the IP however if you connect via WI_FI, an easy way to find the IP is to hover over the network icon in the top right corner of your desktop.
If you are still having trouble with the setting up VNC or have other questions, let me know. My email address is Please follow me on twitter at @BerryPIChris

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